Beyond the Binary: Crafting Queer Conscious Connections

This episode is a treasure trove of insights and inspiration, featuring Elise Braunschweiger in the latest installment of “Love, Laughs, and Lessons. Elise, a pioneering force in matchmaking and date coaching for the sapphic and queer community, discusses the significant gaps within the dating app market and the unique challenges faced by non-traditional daters. Join us as we explore the importance of inclusivity and personal authenticity in relationships, navigating personal journeys and the evolution of identity, and the creation of inclusive dating spaces. This conversation is an essential listen for anyone interested in the intersections of love, identity, and inclusivity.

Bio: Elise Braunschweiger is a dynamo in the dating scene, blending expertise in psychology-driven matchmaking with a vibrant flair for connection. Cutting her teeth at the globally acclaimed Maclynn in New York City, Elise quickly climbed the ranks to become the Head of Matchmaking for their U.S. operations. Although she’s ventured out on her own, she maintains a thriving relationship with Maclynn as a contracted consultant.

Now at the helm of her own venture, Conscious Connections, Elise pours her passion into empowering the sapphic and queer communities. As a proud lesbian, she recognized a gaping void in representation within the dating industry and leapt at the opportunity to fill it. Through Conscious Connections, Elise tackles the unique hurdles that queer women encounter—from the frustration of bierasure to the elusive quest for a lesbian dating app that truly resonates. With infectious enthusiasm and a deep commitment to her community, Elise is reshaping the landscape of love, one successful match at a time.

You can learn more about Elise on her website and Instagram here below.

https://www.conscious connections-datecoaching.com/


July 11, 2024

54 Minutes

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