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Your quest for meaningful connections deserves expert guidance. At Little Gay Book, we’re thrilled to introduce our Dating App Management Service, meticulously crafted to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital dating. With statistics showing that over 366 million people worldwide used dating apps in 2022, the digital dating scene is more active than ever before.

However, navigating this space can be particularly challenging for the LGBTQIA+ community. In fact, LGBTQ users are twice as likely to use dating apps compared to their heterosexual counterparts, highlighting the need for a service that understands and caters to the unique dynamics of queer dating.

Why choose our Dating App Management Service?

In a world where dating apps present endless choices, our service stands out by focusing on the quality and depth of connections. Dating apps present a multitude of choices but finding the right partner who aligns with your values and lifestyle can be daunting. Our team of seasoned professionals is here to manage the complexities of online dating for you, ensuring that your journey is both efficient and fulfilling.

LGBTQ+ Dating App Management Program

Dr. Frankie

With an impressive track record spanning more than twenty years in psychology, matchmaking, and relationship coaching, she stands as a beacon of wisdom in the realm of love and connections. Her approach is rooted in a profound understanding of human behavior, making her insights invaluable for those seeking meaningful relationships. Dr. Frankie’s expertise not only helps in finding love but also in fostering deep connections that last.

Iris Triska

A creative force in the world of digital dating, offers a refreshing and innovative approach to finding love online. Her unique blend of artistic flair and digital expertise allows her to craft dating strategies that truly make you stand out. Iris’s talent for understanding the digital landscape, combined with her creative touch, ensures your path to finding love is both exciting and effective.

Denise Rai

Denise, a skilled matchmaker and love coach, brings over ten years of experience in guiding individuals towards finding true love and nurturing rewarding relationships. Her deep understanding of relationships, coupled with a dedication to offering tailored client experiences, means your journey to love is managed with both empathy and professionalism.

What We Offer

Little Gay Book’s Dating App Management Service Goes beyond just swiping right. We provide a holistic approach to help you find love in the digital age.


Our experts craft dating profiles that reflect your true essence, highlighting your unique qualities and interests.


We navigate various dating apps for you, employing strategic swiping and messaging to connect you with compatible matches.


Regular check-ins and updates ensure that your dating journey aligns with your personal goals and preferences.

Navigating Your Path to Love

Our service isn’t just about finding matches; it’s about understanding and celebrating your unique journey in the LGBTQIA+ dating world. We recognize the nuances and complexities of queer dating and tailor our approach to suit your individual needs.

Transform Your Dating Experience

Say goodbye to the frustration of unfulfilling matches. With Little Gay Book’s Dating App Management Service, finding love is more than a dream – it’s a reality waiting to unfold. You deserve to be part of the success story, just like the 42% of online dating users who aim for marriage.

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Ready to take the first step towards a fulfilling love life? Contact us today and let our team guide you through the exciting journey of finding your perfect match. Embrace the opportunity to join the millions who have turned to online dating as a pathway to love and happiness.

Embark on a Journey of Love with Little Gay Book’s Dating App Management Service.

Unlock the Door to Your Ideal Love Life!

Service Offerings
and Tiers



60 hours per month*


Tailored management of your dating profile to ensure it is engaging, dynamic, and reflective of your best self. Our approach is designed to maximize your profile’s appeal and effectiveness in attracting compatible matches.
A thorough makeover of your profile, leveraging our expertise to highlight your unique traits and interests. This overhaul aims to transform your profile into a compelling narrative that captivates potential matches.
Stay informed with regular updates every two weeks. These updates provide insights into your profile’s performance, the effectiveness of our strategies, and any adjustments made to enhance your visibility and appeal.
A dedicated image consultation session to advise on styling, presentation, and image selection, paired with a professional photography shoot to capture high-quality, engaging photos. Choose from our packages to best meet your needs:
  • Classic Package: Special price $550
  • Deluxe Package: Special price $675
Comprehensive support before and after dates, offering guidance, advice, and strategies to navigate your dating experiences confidently and effectively.
After each date, receive personalized feedback and assessment.

Commitment: A 3-month minimum commitment is required to ensure a cohesive and impactful dating strategy.

Yes! I’m ready to unlock the door to my ideal love life!



100 hours per month*


Comprehensive management of your dating profiles across two platforms, optimizing each for maximum engagement and compatibility. Our strategy is fine-tuned to leverage the unique advantages of each platform.
Inclusive of all Silver Tier benefits, with additional emphasis on diversifying your appeal across multiple platforms and ensuring consistency in your personal brand.
Increased frequency of updates to keep you closely informed of your profile’s performance and our proactive adjustments. Weekly insights offer a deeper understanding of your dating journey’s progress.
A dedicated image consultation session to advise on styling, presentation, and image selection, paired with a professional photography shoot to capture high-quality, engaging photos. Choose from our packages to best meet your needs:
  • Classic Package: Special price $550
  • Deluxe Package: Special price $675
Gold Tier clients receive priority support, including more in-depth coaching sessions before and after dates, focusing on advanced strategies and personal development.
Tailored feedback and comprehensive assessments after each date, with additional focus on long-term relationship strategies and personal growth insights.

Commitment: A 3-month minimum commitment is required for a transformative and strategic approach to your dating journey.

Yes! I’m ready to unlock the door to my ideal love life!



100+ hours per month*


Elite management of your profiles on up to four platforms, ensuring a broad and strategic presence. This service encompasses a customized approach for each platform to highlight your multifaceted personality.
The Platinum Tier offers a premium profile makeover, leveraging bespoke strategies and insights to magnetize your ideal matches on multiple platforms. This service is designed to elevate your profile with unparalleled precision and creativity, setting you apart in the dating landscape.
Direct access to your dedicated account manager for weekly updates, offering personalized insights and strategy refinements based on real-time data and feedback.
A bespoke image consultation experience, including a premium package with our top photographer to ensure your visuals are unmatched. Choose from:
  • Classic Package: Special price $550
  • Deluxe Package: Special price $675
Exclusive access to our most experienced coaches for pre-date planning and post-date analysis, focusing on sophisticated dating strategies and emotional intelligence development.
Intensive, customized feedback sessions after each date, with an emphasis on deep emotional connections and long-term compatibility strategies.
Enjoy the privilege of unlimited access to our senior coaches, allowing you to refine your dating strategy at any moment. This continuous support ensures you have expert advice readily available to navigate the dating landscape effectively.
Benefit from potential personalized introductions to compatible matches, meticulously selected based on our extensive network and deep insights into both parties’ preferences and personalities.

Commitment: A 3-month minimum commitment is essential to fully leverage the comprehensive, personalized services designed to significantly enhance your dating success.

Yes! I’m ready to unlock the door to my ideal love life!

Enhancing Your Profile with Professional Photography

In the vast landscape of online dating, standing out is key. Whether you’re swiping on Her, Tinder, or Bumble, the truth is that too many profiles blend into the background with less-than-ideal photos that fail to showcase the person’s true essence. It’s time to elevate your online presence.

This is why we advocate for, and indeed require, the inclusion of professional photography in your profile, even if you believe your current photos suffice. Our collaboration with elite photographers nationwide is designed to ensure your profile not only catches the eye but also captivates the attention of potential matches.

Why invest in professional photos? Picture this: a photo that not only captures your physical beauty but also conveys your personality, your zest for life, and that unique spark that makes you, well, you. It’s about moving beyond the amateur snapshots and revealing the best version of yourself in high definition.

Consider your dating profile as your personal brand. Just as a standout ad can capture the imagination and spark interest, so too can a profile graced with professional, high-quality photos. This is your opportunity to make a compelling first impression, with images that are crisp, radiant, and authentically you.

Transform your profile from forgettable to unforgettable. Let our professional photography showcase your individuality and charm, ensuring that your profile not only stands out in the digital dating arena but shines brightly. Elevate your online dating experience with photos that truly represent who you are and all that you offer.