Denver Lesbian/Bi Fast Flirting #2: New women, new venue and new community

Stephanie Laguia
I’m Stephanie, your Denver host for Lesbian/Bi Fast Flirting

Our second Denver Lesbian/Bi “Fast Flirting” event had a great turnout with 26 women coming together for conversation and fun.

How gratifying it is to see so many women walk-in strangers and leave with new friends!  Proof positive that Dr. Frankie’s Speed Dating 2.0 app not only helps to match new love interests, but also potential old-fashioned friends.

The match-making app makes it easy for women to meet each other based on how they self-identify on the butch/femme scale, their preferences of other women on the butch/femme scale, and age range.  Stay tuned to Little Gay Book for more opportunities to meet more women, in less time, who are just your type!

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