When Was The Last BIG Love Of Your Life?

The Curated Mini-Dates Experience Is Unlike Anything Else Available In The Country. And It Will Completely Change Your Life.

I’ve Created this special new way to work with me that I've never offered as a standalone program before.

Dr. Frankie Bashan

Lesbian/Bi Curated Mini-Dates is specifically designed for professional, successful, discriminating women like you who are ready to find their life partner.

If you are ready to be supported to fall deeply in love with someone you can trust with your heart. Someone that loves you exactly as you are, and adores your quirks. Someone to fall asleep laughing with and wake up snuggling to. Someone to share special moments and reflect on the highs and lows with. Then you are ready for the kind of experience that leads to depth, soul connection, and mutual chemistry that lasts.

Here’s How It Works:

Private compatibility consultation with Dr. Frankie Bashar

Private compatibility consultation

Once you register, I’ll email you to schedule your 90-minute Private Compatibility Consultation with me.

We’ll talk through your values, your relationship history, and your visions and preferences for long term partnership. If you’ve already had a compatibility consultation then we’ll review, refine, and update what you are looking for in a match. This session allows me to take the time to really get to know you and what you’re looking for in a relationship. I often get immediate ideas of women I want to connect you with while we are talking!

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1 hour Mini-Date Training and Q&A zoom call

Then, one week before the Curated Mini-Dates Event, I’ll host a 1-hour Zoom Mini-Date Training and Q&A call to help give you tips on how to charm the people you meet on your Mini-Dates. We’ll cover things like:

  • How to present yourself to increase your chances of matching
  • What to plan for and expect (in case you’ve never participated in this type of an event)
  • You’ll get my best tips for Mini-Date success (I can present you with great women, but how you behave and how you appear is going to determine if the women you meet feel reciprocal)
  • How to keep the conversation going and good questions to ask
  • How to pay attention to the pace of the date
  • How to express interest and flirt through Zoom

And don’t worry, if you can’t make it to the training live, it will be recorded for your convenience.

30-minute debrief session

Private 30-minute Mini-Dates Debrief Session

Then, after the Curated Mini-Dates Virtual event, you’ll be able to schedule a private 30-minute Mini-Dates Debrief Session with me. We’ll talk through your experience, clarify and flush out behaviors to improve future dating experiences.

You’ll also learn how to best proceed with the folks you matched up with. We’ll talk through pacing, how quick to follow up (so you don’t look too eager or seem disinterested), and how to build off the Mini-Dates to turn them into “real” dates during a global pandemic!

This Process Will Give You Gifts For Many Parts Of Your Life.

The Curated Mini-Dates event is open nationwide and I’ll find fabulous, relationship-ready women that live in the closest metropolitan areas to you (if you live in an obscure area, the matches from these Mini-Dates will be well worth the drive or flight!).

You’ll meet 10 women on Zoom, and will go on a 7 minute mini-date with each of them. 6 introductions will be curated for love sparks and 4 introductions will be for possible great new friends and/or serious career connections.

Zoom date

Curated Mini-Dates
Are Not To Be Confused With
My Matchmaking Services.

My flagship, discreet, Private Matchmaking service is tens of thousands of dollars and we work together for months with me coaching and introducing you to one woman at a time, refining your preferences and connections over an extended period.

A woman has a one-on-one meeting with Dr. Frankie Bashar

Curated Mini-Dates has you meeting several women during one virtual event, which involves much less of my time- allowing me to lower the cost for you. This is the closest thing to my personalized Matchmaking services that I’ve ever offered- and I can’t wait to start curating these Mini-Dates for you!

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