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    Lesbian Dating and Relationship Coaching

    Lesbian Dating Coaching is confidential private coaching for lesbians who want to kick-start their dating & relationship success.

    Our compassionate, expert coaching improves your dating success by changing thinking-patterns, behaviors & obstacles that get in the way of finding a happy, fulfilling relationship.

    Lesbian Dating Coaching

    Have you been out of the dating scene due to work, school or family? Or maybe you’re feeling ‘stuck’ in your otherwise happy long-term relationship?

    Our Lesbian Dating Coaches can help you

    With low-pressure discussion, fun role-playing & helpful dating ‘homework’ we can help you discover the belief-patterns and behaviors that are holding you back and get you moving in the right direction to find and nurture the relationship you deserve.

    Sound like psychotherapy? It’s not! We’re more affordable, focused, fun and practical, requiring only the number of sessions you feel you need.

    You’re probably asking, ‘How long does it take?’

    Profound change and improvement in your quality of life can’t happen overnight. Dr. Frankie offers new clients a three month contract that includes six 50-minutes sessions (either weekly or bi-weekly, we’ll work with your schedule).

    And because successful coaching depends on a good ‘fit’ between coach and client, we offer new clients an introductory session. If, after this intro consultation, we both agree the fit is right, you can sign up for the remaining five sessions. We want to make things easy because we’re incredibly confident that we can help turn your dating life around.

    Once we’ve finished the six sessions, we’ll discuss any future coaching needs. Every woman is different. For many of you, six sessions will be enough to add satisfaction and fulfillment to your dating life. And if you’d like a few more sessions, no problem. We’re thrilled to provide any ongoing support you need.

    Due to Covid-19 Dr. Frankie is only meeting clients via phone, Zoom, Skype, Facetime or Google Hangout.

    Dating Coaching is $2000, for 6 sessions (completed within 8 weeks)

    Introductory Session for new clients: $350

    (counts toward your six-session package)

    Buy Introductory Session Now Buy The Full 6 Session Package Now