Become a City Event Host for Little Gay Book

Are you fun, social and want to meet more lesbians? Become a City Event Host and meet more women while bringing our successful style of lesbian/bi speed dating and dinner parties to your city.

Hosting Little Gay Book events is about bringing the lesbians together and giving them a positive fun experience. If you have connections to the LGBT community, are an independent thinker and think meeting new people isn’t scary, we want you.

You’ll be compensated with 30% of the event profits (approx $200 – $350 depending on # of tickets sold and event expenses) as well as full support from LGB, including training, marketing, registration and advice. As a representative of LGB, we expect you to:


* Be polite, respectful and represent our brand of lesbian/bi speed dating with the highest level of professionalism

* Be able to independently research and secure an appropriate venue

* Be ambitious and have connections to your community. We don’t expect you to be the biggest social butterfly, but we know from experience that if you don’t have connections to the LGBT Community, it’s much harder for the event to be successful.

* Be moderately active on social media. Engage actively in our Facebook group, Business Page and in a variety of MeetUp Groups.

* Be driven to make the event successful and take ownership for that success.


Sound like something you might be into? Great! Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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