A Sexy, Citywide Scavenger Hunt For Valentine’s Day

I love surprises. One year for Valentine’s Day, my girlfriend surprised me with a fully crafted and choreographed scavenger hunt in our city, complete with riddles, excursions and “actors” along the way.

Black & white photo of two women, looking at each other, by Shameless Photography
Photo by Shameless Photography

The journey began with flowers and a note on my doorstep telling me to be at the restaurant where we had our first date. When I arrived, the staff had a table and my favorite cocktail already prepared.I was required to answer another riddle (“What significant fantasy did I tell you on our 2nd date?”), with the help of the restaurant staff teasing me, before moving on (it had to do with a certain hotel…)
As I exited the restaurant (thinking I was going to the hotel), a taxi waited. As I shut the door, he sped off and remained tight-lipped as to our destination, regardless of my appeals for info.

Plopped off instead at my favorite corset store, I was instructed by the sales woman to buy anything in the store (within a certain dollar amount) as long as the item included stockings and garters. I was to wear the outfit out.

Feeling slightly tipsy (from the cocktail) and somewhat exposed (from the garter & stockings), I strode out into the evening and down to that favorite hotel. Waiting for me (at the bar) was a glass of champagne and a pile of caviar (the first food item my girlfriend ever made me). With only a few other couples in the bar, and no further riddles or directions, I settled into my snack and enjoyed the moment.

I was soon greeted by my handsome, suit-adorned girlfriend, with more flowers and the biggest smile on her face. She briefly attempted to pick me up at the bar (a piece of her fantasy told to me on our 2nd date), but that moment soon descended into giggling and making out.

It was a genuinely magical evening. The surprises, the attention to detail, the uncertainty of what to expect–I couldn’t have been more in-love with my girlfriend, than I was that night. The care and attention she took with every riddle, taxi, location and ultimately with me, truly made me feel loved and admired and remains to this day, one of my most favorite valentine’s memories.

What’s your idea of a memorable, sexy valentine’s day? (add it in the comments below)

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