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    April 2021

    It seems like consent should be really important to sex. Why does it seem so complicated? Great question. Over the last decades, consent discourse has shifted. Consent used to focus on "no means no," a model in which basically, if no one said "no" to sex, it was considered consensual. The "yes means yes" model gained popularity when a book by

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    You already know that strong, healthy boundaries are important and lead to strong, healthy relationships with others as well as with yourself. But what types of boundaries are there, and how do you set them? What Are Boundaries, Again? Boundaries are a way to distinguish what you want from what you don't want. They're about how you will act or feel, not

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    Learning that you have an STI can go along with a lot of emotions. There's everything that relates to how you feel about it - and then there's the knowledge that you'll have to disclose your STI to any current and recent sexual partners and, depending on whether or not it's treatable, any future sexual partners, too.    Lots of people get

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