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    February 2014

    I love surprises. One year for Valentine's Day, my girlfriend surprised me with a fully crafted and choreographed scavenger hunt in our city, complete with riddles, excursions and “actors” along the way. [caption id="attachment_919" align="alignleft" width="213"] Photo by Shameless Photography[/caption] The journey began with flowers and a note on my doorstep telling me to be at the restaurant where we had our

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    Upscale restaurants, high-end boutiques and luxury condos have benefited from San Francisco’s recent tech boom. But those aren’t the only industries that have reaped the rewards. The business of love has embraced the tech boom, too. Local matchmakers say an increasing number of San Franciscans are dishing out cash on an old fashioned way to find love: hiring someone to help

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    Dear Dr. Frankie, I recently went on a few dates with a girl. We totally clicked and had so much in common. But after a few dates she told me she is relatively new to the gay scene, just had a relationship end abruptly and wants to take things slow. She said she wanted to focus on developing good friendships. She

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    Dear Dr. Frankie, Can you please help me understand why so many women in our community resort to juvenile tactics when a relationship ends? Once we reach a certain age we should see how petty this behavior makes us look. I have several friends who rely on passive/aggressive behavior to resolve conflict… I have two friends over the age of 50, who

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