10 Romantic Getaways for Lesbian Couples

It’s not often I get to take a vacation – with kids, projects, assistants and so many deadlines, it’s hard to carve out the time to unplug and really connect with those I love. This week, I was fortunate to be in Paris with my kids and I realized just how positively, taking time off can impact your relationships.

In a departure from my usual love/relationship advice, I decided to a post all about romantic getaways for lesbian couples. If you’re a queer couple looking for your next romantic getaway, there are plenty of places where you can visit. Here’s a mix of big cities and local towns that you might want to consider next time you and your partner want to unplug:

Provincetown, MA

Otherwise known as P-town, Provincetown is the top vacation destination for you and your loved one. Ranging from beautiful beaches to gay-owned restaurants, everything you could want for is here. P-town also holds the annual “Women’s Week” festival, which is held in mid October and is the “longest running lesbian cultural event in the Northeast.” This year, the festival will be running from October 14-20th. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss, so be sure to check it out. You can find out more out here

Galena, IL

About three hours from Chicago, Galena is one of the most romantic small towns in the country, full of gorgeous victorian homes, boutiques, vineyards, breweries, and historic sites. Galena hosts many annual events, including a hot air balloon race, an international art festival, and an annual heritage festival where more than 1,000 people reenact 18th Century life in Illinois.  You can learn more about Galena’s dining scene and daily life here.

Ferndale, CA

If you love the Victorian aesthetic, this town is for you. About five hours’ drive from San Francisco, Ferndale is known as a quaint Victorian village on the north coast of California. Located in Humboldt County, Ferndale mixes charming Americana with modern quirkiness. Stroll through streets of preserved Victorian buildings and homes, relax on the beach or take a short drive to the redwood forests and trails that are plenty.  You can find out more about Ferndale and other spots in Humboldt here.

Baltimore, MD

While often overshadowed by nearby Washington, D.C., Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland and is home to an ever-growing LGBT community that has organized since the 1960s and 1970s. Those seeking community should head to Mount Vernon, the city’s gay district, for museums, bars, restaurants and inns. Baltimore also offers much as a large, historic city. Literary fans can tour Edgar Allen Poe’s old stomping grounds or the military fort that inspired the “Star-Spangled Banner.” Foodies can enjoy multiple food halls and an abundance of seafood options, as well as breweries and distilleries. Visitors can also visit the Walters Art Museum free of charge; art lovers will appreciate its collection that spans from 5,000 BCE to the 21st Century. You can find out more about Baltimore here.

Saugerties, NY

World Pride is coming to New York this year, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. As the birthplace of the modern gay rights movement, New York City is home to thriving queer communities. But if you’re looking for something that’s a bit slower-paced than the city, just drive upstate. Saugerties is a 2-3 hour drive from the city, but this town (and the surrounding Hudson Valley) is known as one of the most LGBT-friendly places in the state. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to relax and recenter among the nature and small town charm that Saugerties offers. Gay-owned Bluestone Basecamp, for instance, is a micro-boutique hotel with elegant rooms that overlook the surrounding woods. The grounds include their own vineyard and fruit orchard.

Austin, TX

Taking great pride in being “weird,” Austin embraces all things different and quirky. Home to one of the largest and diverse gay communities in the

 country, Austin is LGBT event calendar is always full. Spend the afternoon at one of their famous rooftop bars, peruse the shelves at “Book Woman” or select cowboy hats at “Allen’s Boots.” Since the city fully embraces inclusivity, there isn’t a specific gay neigborhood. However, Austin’s LGBT webpage provides a full list of attractions, activities and nightlife that suits whatever you’re in the mood for.  Side Note: LGB also hosts Lesbian/Bi Single Mingles in Austin. Find out more

New Orleans, LA

Just like Austin, don’t let New Orlean’s location confuse you. New Orleans has always been a melting pot of different cultures, ethnicities, and religions, as well as a champion for the arts. This allowed for a rich LGBT community to thrive; the French Quarter’s Cafe Lafitte in Exile, for instance, is one of the oldest gay bars in the country.  Besides its infamous and vibrant nightlife, New Orleans is home to many LGBT organizations. Their tourism website has a whole section of businesses committed to being inclusive and welcoming to everyone.

Sturgeon Bay, WI

This town along Lake Michigan is the seat of Door County, which was home to Native Americans and French explorers long before the American colonies declared war on Britain. Stugeon Bay is just over an hour from Green Bay and two hours from Milwaukee, which allows you to relax from city life without fear of judgement. Art and adventure thrives in Door County, where it’s home to many wineries, boutique shops, and historic buildings. You can also explore the surrounding bay and trails; you can find more on their travel website.

La Jolla, CA

Known for it’s surfing, beaches, tide pools and luxury boutiques, La Jolla is a place with variety and potential. Want to jump in kayak and explore the Seven Caves? Done. Itching for a bunch on the water with pink cocktails and nibbles? Check. Yearning for a simple yoga class and vegan Buddha bowl? You can have it. While the housing prices are high, you find little BnB’s for a 3 – day weekend and design a getaway that is a nice mix of adventurous AND luxurious.

Your Own Backyard

At the risk of sounding like every other blogger out there, how about a StayCation? Certainly there are things in your neighborhood that you’ve been dying to try out or see or participate in. Get a friend to watch the dog, rent a room or bungalow for the weekend and explore! If not the area where you live, maybe just each other :). Spending some dedicated time being romantic with your lover – even if it’s just sensual touching, maybe reading poetry to each other or better yet, asking each other questions that can bring you closer to each other, can help you feel connected and rekindle your affection.

Remember, a romantic lesbian getaway is about what you and her want to do. It isn’t about the activity (well, sometimes it is :), but mostly it’s about creating dedicated time for each other and letting your coworkers know that you’re out of the office. Thank you for reading and I’d love to hear about how this post inspires you and where you go! Drop me a line and tell me all about it.

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